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Maquet, Auguste (1813-1888)

A collaborator of Alexandre Dumas. Many of Dumas' famous works were co-written with Maquet, such as Le Comte de Monte-Cristo and Les Trois Mousquetaires (and its sequels Vingt Ans après and Le Vicomte de Bragelonne).
     He co-wrote the "Valois Romances", including La Reine Margot, La dame de Monsoreau, and Les Quarante-Cinq.
     Maquet also co-wrote four of the "Marie Antoinette" romances, including Mémoires d'un médecin: Joseph Balsamo, Le collier de la reine, Ange Pitou, and Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge.
     He also co-wrote Le Chevalier d'Harmental, and the sequel Une Fille du Régent.
     In addition, he helped write La guerre des femmes and Sylvandire (Beau Tancred).
     Maquet was a history professor, and a later a writer. They first met when Maquet's play The Night of Mardi-Gras was given to Dumas by a friend who asked him to rewrite it. The new drama was christened Bathilde and was a success. Maquet gave another novel Good Old Buvat to Dumas, who got it published in a serial format as Le Chevalier d'Harmental. The publisher insisted that a novel by Dumas was worth many times more than a novel by Dumas and Maquet, thus though Maquet was paid a huge amount, 8000 francs, Dumas was the only name on it.
     Dumas and Maquet soon realized that people clamored for romanticized history, thus were written several novels.
     Maquet would write the rough draft, and Dumas would add details, characters, and dialogue, and lengthen the story (as they were paid by the line.)
     While Dumas died poor, Maquet died rich.

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    Auguste Maquet, 1847

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