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Une Fille du Régent

The Regent's Daughter

roman/novel, pub:1844, action:1719

Companion work to Chevalier d'Harmental. Collaboration with Auguste Maquet.

Dumas dramatised this novel as Une Fille du Régent.

    Literary Notices, Harpers, 1854, contains a notice of The Regent's Daughter

Oeuvres/Related Works
    The Regent's Daughter - New York, P. F. Collier & Son, n.d., The Works of Alexandre Dumas in Thirty Volumes (vol. 23), blue cloth, gilt spine

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    "Now we will talk business," said Dubois. "Are we safe?"
    "Oh, Monseigneur, punish me, for you must indeed despise me if you pardon me."
    Abbe Brigaud
    D'Argenson, with his great wig, large black eyes, and dark shaggy eyebrows, made little impression on the chevalier.
    The Regent watched him uneasily. "What is that paper?" he asked.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     This story is frequently spoken of as a sequel to the "Chevalier d'Harmental," but erroneously so; it is rather a companion story, of the same period and consequently with some of the same historical characters appearing in it. It deals with the Cellamare Conspiracy's aftermath, period of 1719, and the cunning investigations made by Cardinal Dubois.
     By comparing this article with that of the drama of the same title (see 1846), it will be seen that the first draft, "Hélène de Saverny," was written before the end of 1843. Consequently this romance is to be regarded as one of the few which Dumas drew from a play, instead of, as was his custom, the romance supplying the drama. There are, however, considerable differences between the two works, and the conclusions are in sharp contrast.
     Admittedly in collaboration with Maquet, who, among his notes, states : " 'Une Fille du Régent,' a play by Dumas, made by us into four volumes." It may be noted that the gloomy and fatalistic nature of the romance, as contrasted with the play, is quite in the nature of Maquet's preferred style, as may be seen by comparing his own works after the rupture.
     It first appeared as a serial in "Le Commerce."
     Original edition apparently a pirated one : Brussels, Méline Cans et Cie., 3 vols., 12mo., pp. 287, 272, 215, 1844.
     First French edition : Paris, Cadot, 4 vols., 8vo., 1845.
     First illustrated edition: Paris, Marescq et Cie., illustrated by J. A. Beaucé, 4to., 1857.
     It now fills one volume in the edition of Louis Conard, Paris, 1923—, with illustrations from the designs of Fred-Money engraved on wood by V. Dutertre
     In the standard Calmann-Lévy edition of the "Œuvres Completes" it fills one volume, and in the same firm's illustrated series one also. It is also included in their "Musée Littéraire," again in one volume.
     In Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré" it forms part of Vol. IV.

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         English Translations :—
     Harris, in "First English Translations," gives 1845, but no information as to the translator or the publisher.
     It certainly appeared in "The Parlour Library;" London, Simms and Macintyre (later Hodgson), about 1847, as "The Regent's Daughter."
     "The Regent's Daughter;" London, Routledge, probably as successor to the two firms mentioned above, and very likely a reprint, 1870. It is presumable that there were earlier editions under this firm's imprint ; certainly there have been many later issues.
     "The Regent's Daughter;" London, J. M. Dent, 1 vol., cr. 8vo., illus., pp. 386, 1894. Reprinted, same firm, 1907 and 1926.
     London, Methuen, in two parts, entitled respectively "Hélène de Chaverny" and "The Tragedy of Nantes," sewed, 1907 and 1908.
     "The Regent's Daughter;" London. Collins, 12mo., illustrated, pp. 443,1924.

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