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Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge; Les Girondins

The Knight of the Red House

drame/play, pub:1847, action:1793

Drama in five acts. Staged at the Théâtre Historique. Covers the execution of Marie Antoinette. This is the staging of the novel.
"Le chevalier de Maison-Rouge. Drame en cinq actes et douze tableaux, par mm. Alex. Dumas et A. Maquet, représenté pour la première fois, a Paris, sur le Théatre-historique, le 3 aout 1847."

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    The avenging sword of Maurice had already cut through more than ten uniforms

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama, in five acts and twelve tableaux.
     In collaboration with Auguste Maquet.
     Drawn from the romance of the same name, it may be noted that again we have a piece in which the drama ends happily, in contrast to the tragedy which brings the romance to a conclusion, Lorin, one of the principal characters, is considered the beau-ideal of the finest type of Republican of the period.
     Dumas supplied his play with some of the couplets which Lorin was so fond of singing in the romance, and in addition the two famous verses sung by the Girondins. (Refer to "Le Chœur des Girondins," page 215.)
     First performed at the Théâtre Historique on the 3rd of August. 1847.
     It was later re-staged at the Porte Saint Martin, where, for reasons yet to be discovered, Dumas' second verse by the Girondins was omitted, and two claimed to be by Maquet substituted.
     Original edition, with the sub-title of "An episode of the period of the Girondins." Paris, Michel Lévy Frères, 12mo., 1847. (It is to be noted that Dumas himself, and others following him, not infrequently refer to this piece as "Les Girondins.")
     It is now to be found in Vol. VII. of the 15 Vol. edition, and in Vol. XI. of that in 25 Vols., issued by Calmann-Lévy.

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         English Translation :—
     "The Chevalier de Maison-Rouge," an adaptation by Colin H. Hazelwood, Lacy's Plays, 1859.
     "Geneviève," by Dion Boucicault, probably not published.

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