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drame/play, pub:1848, action:1815-1838

Two-part drama, based on Le Comte de Monte Cristo

    Monte-Cristo, part I translated by Frank J. Morlock
    Monte-Cristo, part II translated by Frank J. Morlock
    Monte-Cristo au théâtre

Oeuvres/Related Works
    Morlock, Frank J.: Monte Cristo, part I - available to read online!
    Morlock, Frank J.: Monte Cristo, part II - available to read online!

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama, by Dumas and Maquet, which took two evenings to perform, being divided into two parts. The first concludes with the casting of Dantes from the battlements of the Château d'If, and his appearance on the rock a moment later. The second deals with the matter of Caderousse and his wife, the reward of the Morel family and some other matters.
     Gautier amusingly describes these two evenings. First performed at the Théâtre Historique on the 3rd and 4th of February, 1848. It was at first intended that these should be the opening pieces for the new theatre, but Dumas wisely altered his plan and used "La Reine Margot."
     Dumas sent his company over to London, and opened at Drury Lane Theatre on June 12rd, 1848. A most disgraceful scene followed, and was repeated on the second evening ; not a sound could be heard for shouts, whistles and cat-calls. By courtesy of the management of the St. James's Theatre the company was transferred there and gave a brief but successful season.
     Original edition : each part separate, Paris, Tresse, 8vo. of two columns, 1848. The first part consisted of five acts and eleven tableaux, the second of five acts and six tableaux.
     It is now (with the two other dramas from the same romance) to be found in the Calmann-Lévy collection, in Vol. VIII. of that in 15 Vols., and Vols. XII. and XIII. of that in 25 Vols.

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         Parody :—
     "Le Comte de Monte-Fiasco, ou la Répétition générale d'un drame en trente actes et cent tableaux," by MM. Deforges and Clairville; Paris, Delacombe, 8vo., 1847. On this occasion the parody preceded the first stage performance of Dumas' two dramas by nearly a year, it being based on the romance.

         English Translation :—
     "Monte Cristo," a drama in five acts, pp. 79, London, Lacy's Plays, Vol. 77, 1850.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
In "Monte-Cristo," Première Partie. (Drama.)
     (CLIII.) Act II., Tab. IV., Scene iv., seven lines by Caderousse.
     (CLIV.) Act II., Tab. IV., Scene viii., two four-line stanzas, with a four-line chorus.
In "Monte-Cristo," Deuxième Partie. (Drama.)
     (CLV.) Act I., Tab. I., Scene iv., two eighteen-line stanzas with refrain.

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