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La Jeunesse des Mousquetaires

The Young Musketeers

drame/play, pub:1849

A prose drama drawn from Les Trois Mousquetaires.

    La jeunesse des mousquetaires (PDF)

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    Étienne Mélingue - As d'Artagnan in "La Jeunesse des Mousquetaires"

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama in five acts and eleven tableaux, with prologue and epilogue additional.
     By MM. Alexandre Dumas and Auguste Maquet.
     Drawn from the romance of "Les Trois Mousquetaires."
     "One of the authors' greatest successes, and also one of the greatest of the actor Mélingue, in the role of d'Artagnan," says M. Parran.
     First performed at the Théâtre Historique on the 17th of February, 1849.
     Original edition : Paris, Dufour et Mulat, 1849, 8vo., with one vignette.
     It is now to be found in Vol. IX. of the 15 Vol. edition of the plays issued by Calmann-Lévy, and in Vol. XIV. of the 25 Vol. series.
     It is interesting to note that in the previous year a piece was staged (not by Dumas) entitled "Porthos à la Recherche d'un Équipement" (see page 228).

         References :—
     Parran: "Bibliographie d'Alex. Dumas," page 31.
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         English Versions :—
     "The Musketeers," a play founded on Dumas' novel "Les Trois Mousquetaires" (this is actually drawn from the play, as examination proves). By Sydney Grundy, 1898. A finely illustrated souvenir of this was issued the following year, 1899.
     A version was included in Lacy's Acting Plays, 1855. Reprinted 1868.
     Another version appeared in Dicks' Standard Plays in 1850

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