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Morlock, Frank J. (1941-) Frank Morlock is an accomplished translator and has translated Hamlet, Dr. Sturler's Experiment (epilogue to Comte Hermann), Napoleon Bonaparte, The Musketeers, The Barricades of Clichy, Lorenzino, The Vampire, Le Vingt-quatre février, Antony, La Reine Margot, Caligula, Urbain Grandier, Monte Cristo, The Whites and the Blues, The Youth of Louis XIV, Kean and many others. He has written an article on Napoleon for the Napoleonic Journal.

Frank and has done many other translations of interest. There are Hugo's dramas, Les Miserables, Ninety Three, Hans of Iceland, and Notre Dame de Paris; Drack's La San Felice; Merville's At Twenty One Years of Age!; Berleux's The End of Murat; and Verlaine's Madame Aubin. Then on the Gaslight 19th Century Literature Page there's The Yiddish Hamlet, and on CadyTech, Dumas fils' A Wedding Visit.

Several plays have been added to Project Gutenberg including Madame Aubin by Verlaine, Signora Fantastici by Madame de Stael, Socrates by Voltaire, The Unforseen Return by Regnard, The Spirit of Contradiction by Dufresny, and The Forfeiture, also by Dufresny. He also has three plays published electronically by Rogue Publishing: The Man in The Iron Mask (by Dumas et. al.) and Young Figaro and Spiritism both by Victorien Sardou. He has also translated Balzac's Peau de Chagrin

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