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 A signed note to Merteuil requesting theatre tickets. Thanks to Tom Platt for the scan.  Dumas père, Alexandre 
 Alexandre Dumas From Die Totenhand, a forged sequel to Le Comte de Monte Cristo   
 Alexandre Dumas   Nadar 
 Alexandre Dumas   Grosch, O. 
 Alexandre Dumas   Nadar 
 Alexandre Dumas    
 Alexandre Dumas    
 Alexandre Dumas From "About The World", Scribner's Magazine, Vol 19, Issue 5   
 Alexandre Dumas (engraving)    
 Alexandre Dumas (engraving)    
 Alexandre Dumas (From a photograph taken in 1860)   Mémoires de Garibaldi  
 Alexandre Dumas (Monte Cristo) - During the years of the great romances Dumas was the uncrowned king of Paris Eug. Giraud prix, Lecouturier Sculp.   
 Alexandre Dumas (painting)    
 Alexandre Dumas (painting) From ArtToday  
 Alexandre Dumas (photo)   Reutlinger, Charles 
 Alexandre Dumas (photo) From ArtToday Dubufe 
 Alexandre Dumas (photo) From ArtToday  
 Alexandre Dumas (photo) From ArtToday  
 Alexandre Dumas - The Giant The Goncourt brothers spoke of Dumas' face as resembling that of the Man in the Moon  Meyer, H. 
 Alexandre Dumas 1802-1870 Appears in Alexandre Dumas, a Biography and Study by A. Craig Bell  
 Alexandre Dumas at 28 from The Road to Monte Cristo by Jules Eckert Goodman   
 Alexandre Dumas en 1830, anonyme, L'Artiste, revue de Paris, mars 1881 From Gallica   
 Alexandre Dumas in his Library  Les Trois Mousquetaires Leloir, Maurice 
 Alexandre Dumas the Elder From "The Elder Dumas," The Century, Volume 51, Issue 5, 1896. Engraved by T. Johnson, from photograph of portrait by Dubufe.  Dubufe 
 Alexandre Dumas, from a photograph frontispiece Les Trois Mousquetaires  
 Alexandre Dumas, père From "A Few French Celebrities", Harpers, Volume 47, Issue 282   
 Alexandre Dumas, père.--from the painting by Vieusseux From "Acting and Authors" Harpers Magazine, Volume 76, Issue 455, page 685   
 Bestriding the Swiss Alps An 1833 cartoon from the Bibliothèque nationale de France  
 Dumas as a young man (b/w) 1829  Devéria, Achille 
 Dumas as a young man (colour)   Devéria, Achille 
 Dumas in 1832 - He was once more on the bright crest of the wave of romanticism   Devéria, Achille 
 Dumas in Arab dress  Le Bâtard de Mauléon  
 Dumas in the sixties - He grew excessively stout in his later years    
 Dumas toward 1850 - He had just passed the peak of his popularity    
 Etienne Carjat's idea of Dumas - The novelist was always excellent game for caricaturists   Carjat, Étienne 
 French copperplate engraving of Dumas and the Musketeers 1970, scan by moimimi  Decaris, Albert 
 Gustave Doré's statue of Dumas on the Place Malesherbes, Paris Appears in Alexandre Dumas, a Biography and Study by A. Craig Bell Doré, Gustave 
 Lettre à Marie Dumas, signé par Dumas Plus d'infos. More information.  Dumas père, Alexandre 
 Mille amitiés, A. Dumas Thanks to Stan  
 Portrait d'Alexandre Dumas   Grosch, O. 
 Portrait d'Alexandre Dumas From the Mansell collection.  Nadar 
 Portrait d'Alexandre Dumas père avec sa fille Marie   Nadar 
 Portrait of Alexandre Dumas Illustration on the cover of Every Saturday January 28, 1871   
 Portrait of Dumas    
 Portrait of Dumas    
 The Birthplace of Alexandre Dumas, Villers-Cotterets    
 The Quadroon Chef - Dumas concocting his bouillabaise of romance    
 Timbre monégasque de 1970  Les Trois Mousquetaires  
 Villa Alexandre Dumas, Arcachon 61. Archachon (Cote d'Argent) Villa Alexandre Dumas (Ville d'hiver)   

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