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Leloir, Maurice (1851-1940)

Artist who illustrated many books, including Dumas books. Very beautiful, realistic pictures. See Alexandre Dumas' Pen for an example.

    Maurice Leloir (1851-1940)

Art par/by Leloir
    Medallions of the Musketeers
    Alexandre Dumas in his Library
    The National Novel
    Alexandre Dumas Fils
    Alexandre Dumas's Pen
    D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis
    Love and Arms
    H. M. Louis XIII., King of France and Navarre, Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu
    H. M. Anne of Austria, Queen of France and Navarre
    "Keep up the Dance, then, since he will have it so"
    M. d'Artagnan the Elder girds his own Sword on his Son
    D'Artagnan took every Smile for an Insult
    "Before a Woman you would not dare to fly"
    He sold him for three Crowns
    The Three Others fenced against him with their agile Swords
    All admired his embroidered Baldric
    "It pleases me to say you annoy me"
    "Do you only wear such a fine golden Baldric to suspend a Sword of Straw from it?"
    "A Surgeon! or 'Sblood! my brave Athos will die"
    "The Devil take the Madman!" murmured M. de Tréville
    "Loose your hold, then, I beg of you"
    "Good Lord! the fellow must be mad"
    "He drew the Handkerchief from under the Foot of the Musketeer"
    D'Artagnan saluted his Adversary with Hat in Hand
    "We are about to have the Honor of charging you"
    "To me, Sir Guard, or I will slay you!"
    He bore Jussac under the Monastery porch
    They walked Arm-in-Arm, occupying the whole Width of the Street
    "Brave young Man!" murmured the King
    One of those passed close to D'Artagnan's Face
    "Musketeers! to the rescue"
    Bernajoux described the Affair exactly as it had taken Place
    "Here," said the King, "is a Proof of my Satisfaction"
    He was spitting in the Water to make Rings
    Athos would give Grimaud a good Thrashing
    Mousqueton made a very good figure when attending on his Master
    Then it became the turn of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis to mount Guard with D'Artagnan
    They devoured as much Provisions as would have lasted him two Months
    "Higher! much higher!" said Bonacieux
    "The Man of Meung!"
    "Your Affair is not a bad one"
    "To the Health of the King and Cardinal"
    "All for One, One for All"
    "Oh! Sir, Sir, you will kill yourself," cried Planchet
    D'Artagnan was Conquerer without much Trouble
    She passed her Arm under D'Artagnan's
    With a turn of his Finger he set the Clock right again
    What the Devil could that Handkerchief mean?
    D'Artagnan seized the Hand that was held out to him and kissed it
    "In the name of Heaven. milord!" cried Madame Bonacieux
    Buckingham, on being left alone, walked towards a Mirror
    He kissed the Hem of her Robe
    Anne of Austria stretched forth her Hand closing her Eyes
    M. Bonacieux was in the greatest possible Perplexity
    "But that is not M. D'Artagnan you show me"
    He uttered a feeble Groan and fainted
    They carried him up a Flight of Stairs
    "You are accused of High Treason"
    "It is he! the Man who took away my Wife"
    He then backed himself out
    "What?" said the King haughtily
    "Your Gascon Head, will you have done?" said the King
    M. de Tréville delivered the Musketeer
    "Madame, you are about to receive a Visit from the Chancellor"
    "There, Sir, there is that Letter"
    The Cardinal took the Letter and read it
    "You will appear at this Ball?"
    "Here," said the Queen, "here is a Ring of great Value"
    "Where does that Money come from?"
    "To save the Queen with his Eminence's Money"
    "Silence!" whispered D'Artagnan taking her Hand
    A terrible Howling interrupted these Reflections
    "To London?" cried Porthos
    And Each put out his Hand into the Bag
    Porthos told him he was drunk, and the Stranger drew his Sword
    And Each of these Men took a concealed Musket
    And they continued at their best speed for two Hours
    They took Aramis from his Horse at the Tavern Door
    "Go on, D'Artagnan, spur, spur!"
    "And One for me! The Best for the Last!"
    Five Minutes after they were on Board
    "Just Heavens! what I have read! cried the Duke
    The Horses went like the Wind
    All at once the Duke uttered a terrible Cry
    "Here," said he to him, "are the Diamond Studs"
    "Go then, and may God Conduct you safely"
    The Provosts went out to wait upon the King
    "Madame, why did you not wear your Diamond Studs?"
    The Ballet lasted an Hour
    D'Artagnan cast himself on his knees
    "Ah, you are a deep one!"
    "Sell this Ring? Never!"
    Planchet, much astonished, was busy grooming them
    In an instant, he was among the Branches
    He climbed the Ladder very carefully
    Two of the Men appeared bearing the Woman in their Arms and carried her to the Carriage
    "Your Stockings and Shoes stand in equal need of brushing"
    He fell on his back
    At the sight of his Friend, Porthos uttered a loud Cry of Joy
    "Now, through this loop-hole, I throw my Lasso"
    D'Artagnan began to be bored, and so did the Vicar
    "Her attitude was rather free"
    And the two Friends began to dance
    "What! you don't know me?"
    "Now, Gentlemen, if it's Battle you want, you shall have it"
    In the mean time Grimaud appeared in his Turn behind his Master
    The Image of Devastation
    The Landlord entered with the wine and a ham
    And he hanged her on a Tree
    "Two Aces!"
    "What's this? Nothing but the Saddles!"
    "You are all eating Horse"
    The Lady on the Black Hood followed Porthos's Glances
    Porthos withdrew his dripping Hand from the Font
    "Good Lord! How quickly men forget," said the Procureuse
    "A Letter for your Master," said she
    The little feminine weapon flew into a thousand Pieces
    D'Artagnan caught at his Bridle and stopped him
    Porthos began to make Passes at the Wall
    Mars send Love to solicit Fortune

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