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Le Coup de feu

A Fine Shot

conte/short story, pub:1858

See Le Chasse-Neige.

From Reviews (ADR) by Arthur D. Rypinski:
     During his trip to Russia in 1858-1859, Dumas came to admire the work of his contemporary and namesake, the Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeyvich Pushkin (1799-1837), shot to death in a duel at the age of 38. Dumas translated at least three short stories by Pushkin, including Un Coup de Feu.
     The narrator is a military man, stationed in a tedious provincial garrison. One of his colleagues, Sylvio has a remarkable skill with a pistol, practices incessantly, but goes far out of his way to avoid duels. Eventually, the narrator learns that Sylvio had fought a duel with an opponent who had shot first at him and missed, and then seemed completely indifferent to whether he lived or died. Sylvio elected to reserve his fire, and was now patiently waiting until his opponent had found a reason for living before resuming the duel.
     Some years later, we learn that the opponent has married, and that Sylvio has paid a call on him.…
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