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Le Chasse-neige

The Snow-Storm

conte/short story, pub:1858

    The Snow Storm by Alexander Pushkin
    A. S. Pushkin "Metel" (Russian, Real Audio)

Oeuvres/Related Works
    Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich: The Snow Storm

From Reviews (ADR) by Arthur D. Rypinski:
     During his trip to Russia in 1858-1859, Dumas came to admire the work of his contemporary and namesake, the Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeyvich Pushkin (1799-1837), shot to death in a duel at the age of 38. Dumas translated at least three short stories by Pushkin, including La Chasse Neige.
     In this story, set in Russia circa 1811, a young man agrees to elope with his love. Unfortunately, the young man becomes lost in a snowstorm, and can't find the church. The next day, he discovers that his lover has returned home and wants nothing more to do with him. He joins the army and dies heroically. Some years later, another young man meets the lady and wishes to marry her, only to be told that she can never marry, because of the consequences of the snowstorm. But what did happen, exactly, on that fatal night?

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:

     Three short stories, all from the Russian of Poushkin. First published in "Le Monte-Cristo," during 1858.
     The first of the three is now included with "La Boule de Neige," and the other two with "Jane"' in the standard Calmann-Lévy edition.
     In Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré" they are all to be found in Vol. XVI.

         English Translations :—
     All are included in the Methuen editions of "Crop-Eared Jacquot" (see page 374). They are there titled :—
             "The Snow-Storm."
             "A Fine Shot."
             "The Coffin-Maker."

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