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Garibaldi et l'Italie

collection, pub:1861

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A collection of MS. articles in the handwriting of Dumas, and almost all signed by him. There is the MS. of the Sicilian prospectus for "L'Indipendente" (the French was differently worded: both may be read in translation in "On Board the 'Emma' "—see page 389) ; two or three articles which are evidently the duplicates, though not identical, of chapters in "Les Garibaldiens;" and others which would appear to have been written for his Neapolitan journal, or for a contemporary French one, practically all dealing with Garibaldi and Italian politics. In this collection of 229 sheets, all written only upon one side, each is beautifully mounted on sheets of cartridge paper cut to allow both sides to be fully seen ; the whole is handsomely bound in full green crushed morocco.
     The following is a list of the contents :—PAGE
     Garibaldi Gouverneur de Naples1
     Les Blessures de Garibaldi5
     (An Untitled Page)9
     Comment je mis Garibaldi (In Four Parts.)10
     Garibaldi Égoïste43
     Nouvelle Lettre de Dumas à Carini (In print. The only item of the collection not in MS.)47
     Nouvelles de Naples48
     Prospectus. (Of "L'INDIPENDENTE.")57
     "Mon Cher Carini . . ." I.62
     "Mon Cher Carini . . ." II.70
     Révolution à Naples78
     Garibaldi et la Presse81
     Vae Victoribus83
     Nouveaux Détails sur l'Expédition de Garibaldi89
     Les Autrichiens dans les Romagnes97
     Garibaldi à la Barre du Parlement de Turin101
     Un Décret103
     Vive Garibaldi—Vive le Pape108
     Garibaldi à Palerme112
     Le Général Medicis. I.115
     Le Ministère—Le Roi—Garibaldi128
     Le Général Medicis. II144
     Le Général Medicis. III.152
     Le Dictateur a écrit cette lettre à Don Liborio Romano159
     "Mon Cher Dictateur . . ."162
     (Three Untitled Pages)171
     L'Orfanotwfeo dei Artigioenelli174
     À Garibaldi—Prédictions Réalisées186
     La Distribution des Médailles191
     À Propos de la Brochure sur Appromonte194
     Le Guide de Garibaldi à Asproinonte198
     Nouvelles de Garibaldi206
     Garibaldi Blessé, Garibaldi Prisonnier211
     Garibaldi à Rome213
     La Lettre du Général Cialdini, Publié le 26 Août 1861 : "L'INDIPENDENTE."226

         English Translation :—
     The four articles "Comment je mis Garibaldi" appeared as "How I Came to Know Garibaldi," to form the introduction to Mr. R. S. Garnett's edition of the "Memoirs of Garibaldi" (see page 384).

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