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L' Indipendente; L'Indépendant

journal, pub:1860-1864

A journal dedicated to supporting Garibaldi's cause in Italy.

See also Dumas' other journals.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     In May, 1860, Dumas was caught, with all his customary enthusiasm for anything connected with "La Liberté," in the wild adventure of Garibaldi and the "Thousand." Following him to Sicily, Dumas placed himself, his "Emma" and the funds so carefully, and possibly painfully, gathered for his intended twelve or eighteen months' cruise, at the general's entire disposal. Soon he founded a paper in his friend's interest, naming it, by Garibaldi's suggestion, "L'Indépendant."
     This was a daily journal, published first at Palermo and later at Naples, the text being partly in French and partly in Italian. It commenced to appear in 1860 and expired in 1864, probably meeting with heavy weather towards the conclusion, owing to Dumas' strong, though just, partisanship for Garibaldi. Benjamin Pifteau says the journal was continued for some time after Dumas left Italy in 1864, and that he forwarded material from Paris.
     In addition to much journalistic work, this paper probably published :—
         "I Borboni di Napoli." (See pp. 396-97.)
         "Mémoires de Garibaldi." (See page 384.)
         "Les Garibaldiens." (See page 389.)
         "Documents sur l'Histoire de Naples." (See page 398.)
and many articles and "Causeries" of Italian interest (see pp. 390-91), Dumas did not hesitate to oppose and criticise Garibaldi's actions when he thought them mistaken, as he had said he would do when the paper was first launched, actions which Garibaldi entirely approved, both when mentioned, and later when Dumas found occasion to carry out his promise.

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