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La Psyché

journal, pub:1826-1827

A poetry review founded by Dumas and others.
See also Dumas' other journals.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Throughout his life Dumas had a strong inclination to own his own periodicals. The invariable trouble was that pressure of work and of financial needs soon compelled him to fail to supply his own copy, and as a natural consequence none of these journals had a very long or happy career.
     Apparently the first was this "La Psyché," a monthly miscellany in 18mo., founded by Dumas and his friend Adolphe de Leuven. Each number consisted of 144 pp. of prose and verse, printed by M. Marie, No. 8 Rue du Pouley. It existed from March, 1826, to well towards the end of 1829.
     Dumas supplied it with some nineteen pieces of signed verse, and, according to his "Mémoires," with some prose also. The former were as follows :—
     Le Patre  August  1826
     La Néréide  March  1826
     L'Adolescent Malade  March  1826
     L'Aigle Blessé  April  1826
     Romance  June  1826
     Souvenirs  July  1826
     Le Poète  October  1826
     Le Siècle et la Poésie   1827
     Leipsick   1827
     La Peyrouse  May  1829
     Reichenau  February  1829
     Le Sylphe  February  1829
     Rêverie   1829
     Les Trois Dons de la Péri  March  1829
     Le Mancenillier   1829
     Les Génies   1829
     Fragment  April  1829
     Sur la Loire  9th May  1829
     Misrael   1829
     Other contributors to this periodical were Victor Hugo, Denne-Baron ("Zephire"), Mme. Desbordes-Valmore ("L'Oreiller d'une Petite Fille" and "Prière"), and Mme. Amable Tastu.

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