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Robert, Louis-Léopold (1794 - 1835)

Léopold Robert était une graveur et peintre. Dumas lui a attribué une portrait de la mère d'Albert dans Le Comte de Monte Cristo. Dumas parle de lui aussi dans Le Corricolo.

A single portrait, signed by Leopold Robert, shone in its carved and gilded frame. This portrait attracted the Count of Monte Cristo's attention, for he made three rapid steps in the chamber, and stopped suddenly before it. It was the portrait of a young woman of five or six and twenty, with a dark complexion, and light and lustrous eyes, veiled beneath long lashes. She wore the picturesque costume of the Catalan fisherwomen, a red and black bodice, and golden pins in her hair. She was looking at the sea, and her form was outlined on the blue ocean and sky.

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