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Crimes célèbres

Celebrated Crimes

non-fiction, pub:1839-1841

Eight volumes of famous crimes.

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    Mary Stuart, at Lochleven Castle, forced to sign her abdication.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A collection of articles devoted to great criminals and famous victims.
     In this lengthy work Dumas was assisted by some of his friends. The following unsigned articles are usually considered as being from his pen: "Les Cenci," "La Marquise de Brinvilliers," "Karl Ludwig Sand," "Marie Stuart," "La Marquise de Ganges," "Murat," "Les Borgia," "Urbain Grandier," "Vaninka," "Massacres du Midi," "La Comtesse de Saint-Géran," and "Jeanne de Naples." They occupy the first six volumes of the original edition, which bear on their title-pages only the name of Alexandre Dumas. The last two volumes (7 and 8) add to Dumas' name those of the authors who have signed the following items: "Nisida (deuxième partie)," by P. A. Fiorentino; "Desrues," "La Constantin" and "L'Homme au Masque de Fer," by A. Arnould ; "Martin Guerre," by N. Fournier; and "Ali-Pacha," by Mallefille.
     Original edition : Paris, Rue Louis le Grand, 8 vols., with engravings, 1839-40 (Quérard), 1839-41 (Parran). Numerous reprints, though it is not included in either the Calmann-Lévy editions or in Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré."

         English Translations :—
     In 1842 the third volume of a work, entitled "Modern French Life," by Mrs. C. F. Gore, included "The Red House," which is a translation of "Vaninka" (London, Bentley).
     "Celebrated Crimes," London, Chapman and Hall, 1843, 1 vol., 8vo., pp. iv., 428. This, however, only included some of the articles. It was also, apparently, first issued in six parts.
     "Celebrated Crimes," London, Nichols, 8 vols., 1896, translated by I. G. Burnham, with photogravures after drawings by de Los Rios, Prudhomme, Wagrez, etc. Another edition, same year and publisher, in 3 vols. There was also an edition de luxe (8 vols.) with the plates in two states, wholly printed on Japanese vellum. This translation has been several times reprinted in America, by George Barrie's Sons, and others.
     Another complete translation appeared, London, Methuen, 1907-1908, in four volumes, each titled separately: "The Crimes of the Borgias and Others," "The Crimes of Urbain Grandier and Others," "The Crimes of the Marquise de Brinvilliers and Others," and "The Crimes of Ali Pacha and Others."
     Besides "Vaninka," mentioned above, the following articles have also appeared separately at various times :—
     "The Borgias," London, A. L. Humphreys, 1903, in the "Royal Library : Historical Series." This was reprinted in 1911.
     "Mary Stuart," London, 1853, pp. 40, being No. 10 of "The Illustrated Literature of All Nations."
     "Mary Queen of Scots," London, H. Lea, 1860, pp. 255.
     The following table will give an idea of the arrangement of the articles in different editions :—
Les Cenci I. I. V. I.
La Marquise de Brinvilliers I. I. VII. III.
Karl Ludwig Sand I. I. III. II.
Marie Stuart I.-II. IV. III.
La Marquise de Ganges II.-III. I. III. III.
Murat III. V. II.
Les Borgia III.-IV. I. II. I.
Urbain Grandier IV. I. III. II.
Vaninka IV. I. VII. III.
Massacres du Midi V.-VI. VIII. IV.
La Comtesse de Saint-Géran VI. I. VI. I.
Jeanne de Naples VI. I. I. I.
Nisida VI.-VII. I. V. II.
Desrues VII. V. II.
Martin Guerre VII. I. III.
Ali-Pacha VII.-VIII. VI. IV.
La Constantin VIII. VII. II.
L'Homme au Masque de Fer VIII. I. II.

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