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Les Voleurs d'or

The Gold Thieves

drame/play, pub:1859

A play derived from the novel written by Céleste Mogador.

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    Céleste Mogador in the role of Cabriole

From Notes on the Works of Dumas by C. Conrad Cady:
Dumas helped Céleste Mogador turn her novel into this play. This is not a work which has typically been included in the works of Dumas. It is not mentioned by Reed in his A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père.
"Dumas himself rewrote the dramatic version of The Gold Thieves. [p. 201]

"In rewriting it Dumas had made of it a rip-roaring melodrama…" [p. 208]
Dumas thought the novel was wonderful, and said of it:
"Another novel of a completely different kind, but absolutely extraordinary, has also appeared from the same publishers; it is Les Voleurs d'Or by Madame de Chabrillan. A valiant heart, Madame de Chabrillan, one of those created by God for self-sacrifice and struggle. Her stay in Melbourne was both a sacrifice and a battle. During the years she spent five thousand miles away from France, by the greatest sacrifices and the most obstinate persistance, she re-educated herself completely; not only did she learn English, but re-learned French, in our opinion a much more difficult thing….During two nights I sat up until dawn reading Les Voleurs d'Or." [pp. 187-188] Reference: Haldane, Charlotte, Daughter of Paris, 1961, Hutchinson & Co., London
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