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La Huitième Croisade

The Eighth Crusade

roman/novel, pub:1867-1868, action:1799

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    Bonaparte visitant les pestiférés de Jaffa (11 mars 1799)

From Reviews (ADR) by Arthur D. Rypinski:
In Le Huitième Croisade, Dumas mentions the painting Napoleon at the Pesthouse of Jaffa by Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, 1804
"We have in the Museum of the Louvre a magnificent picture by Gros representing Bonaparte touching his plague-stricken soldiers in this hospital at Jaffa. Though it represents a fact that never existed, the picture is none the less fine."
     Dumas goes on to say that not only did Napoleon not visit or touch any plague-stricken soldiers, he ordered them killed, since he was being forced to retreat and he didn't want them left to be tortured by the advancing Turks.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     This narrative of the expedition to Acre is naturally appended to "Les Blancs et les Bleus," which it connects with "Les Compagnons de Jéhu."

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         English Translations of both the above romances :—
     "The Polish Spy;" New York, De Witt, 1869. (It is possibly only the first part of the romance.)
     "The First Republic," translated by K. P. Wormeley, 2 vols., illustrated; London, Sampson Low, 1894,
     "The Whites and the Blues" (including "The Eighth Crusade"); London, Dent, 2 vols., illustrated, 1895. Reprinted, same firm. 1906 and 1926.

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