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drame/play, pub:1832

Five act prose drama written by Dumas and Anicet-Bourgeois.

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From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama in five acts, by Alexandre Dumas and Anicet Bourgeois, though the name of the latter does not appear on the title-page.
     Dumas, with his usual careless generosity, states that Anicet brought him this drama "nearly made," from which we may infer that he is referring to the first rough draft.
     Our author was not enthusiastic regarding this piece, though some critics have praised it highly as among the best of his earlier works.
     After its original run, the proposal was made to Dumas that it should be reduced to three acts and made a stock piece ; he refused. However, Anicet urged him to do this, and at last he said : "If you can see this three act play, make it yourself." Anicet did so, but the result was infinitely inferior to the original, "and longer," adds Dumas, meaning thereby that it seemed so.
     First performed at the Théâtre Royal de l'Opéra Comique (Salle Ventadour) on the 6th of February, 1832.
     Original edition : Paris, Charles Lemesle, Barba, Veuve Charles Bechet, Lecointe et Pugin (Booksellers), 1832.—David's Printing Works, 8vo., pp. 164 (Quérard says pp. 168). On the reverse of the title-page it is stated : "This work can also be obtained from Riga, publisher, Faubourg Poissonnière, No. 1." It is dedicated : "À mes Jeunes Compatriotes et Amis.—C'est à Villers-Cotterets, au milieu de nos fêtes, de nos soirées et de nos chasses, que ce drame a été composé et écrit. Je vous le dédie, frères ! Recevez le comme un frère ; car Villers-Cotterets est son pays natal.—Alex. Dumas.—Ce 6 février 1832, onze heures du soir." (1). This original edition has a buff coloured cover, exactly reproduced upon the title-page.
     (1) "To my young Compatriots and Friends.—It was at Villers-Cotterets, in the midst of our festivals, of our gatherings and our hunting parties, that this drama was composed and written. I dedicate it to you, brothers ! Receive it as a. brother, because Villers-Cotterets is its native place.—Alex. Dumas.—6th February, 1852, eleven o'clock in the evening."
     It appeared in Vol. III. of Charpentier's collection of Dumas' plays, 1834.
     In the "Magasin Théâtral" it was issued in 1835 : Paris, Marchant, large 8vo., of two columns, pp. 36.
     It now forms a part of Vol. II. of the 15 Vol. series, and of Vol. III. in that of 25 Vols. as issued by Calmann-Lévy.

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From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Two album verses, in Act IV., Scene i., each of four lines, rhyming a, b, a, b.

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