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Les Gentilshommes de la Sierra-Morena; Histoire merveilleuse de Don Bernardo de Zuniga

roman/novel, pub:1849

Contained in Le Testament de M. Chauvelin.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Here again we have a story embedded in one of Dumas' introductory chats. Correctly it is entitled "Les Gentilshommes de la Sierra-Morena," and this too is the title of the first chapter ; the three following, which constitute the story proper, are frequently named after the first of them: "Histoire Merveilleuse de Don Bernardo de Zuniga."
     This story is given as a reminiscence and an experience of Dumas' Spanish journey of 1846. The embedded matter is a supernatural legend of the late 15th century.
     In the pirated Belgian edition (Méline Cans et Cie., 1849) it follows immediately after "Un Dîner Chez Rossini," and in all probability such was its position in the feuilleton of "Le Constitutionnel." Its first appearance as a serial was in the paper just named.
     In the standard Calmann-Lévy edition it is now included in the volume containing "Jane" and several short stories adapted from the Russian. (For all these latter see under 1859.)
     Le Vasseur ("Alexandre Dumas Illustré") correctly includes it with the whole matter of "Les Mille et un Fantômes," in his Vol. XVII.

         References :—
     See under "Les Mille et un Fantômes," page 239.

         English Translation :—
     As "Don Bernardo de Zuniga" it appears in "Tales of the Supernatural," the first part of Methuen's collected translation of the whole "Mille et un Fantômes." London, 1907, sewed.

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