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Le Mois

journal, pub:1848-1850

Impr. de Guiraudet et Jouaust, 1848-1850.
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From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     This is by far the most important of Dumas' political journals. It may be taken as entirely of his own composition. Flinging himself whole-heartedly into the turmoil of 1848, it was almost a certainty that he would not be satisfied without some unhampered outlet for his always pronounced thought. Much of "Le Mois" is now of necessity only of interest from the point of view of curiosity, none the less it would be a great mistake to neglect it. It supplies us with considerable information as to its editor's political views, and, it may be added, gives valuable glimpses of his kindliness and good heart. Though originally, and mainly, a record of the events of 1848 and 1849 as they occurred and as they appeared to the onlooker of the time, necessarily the pages were coloured by Dumas' personal leanings.
     It described itself as "A Monthly Résumé, Historical and Political, of All Events, Day by Day, Hour by Hour, entirely written by Alexandre Dumas" Thus its arrangement is largely that of a diary.
     It did not appear quite regularly, as the table which follows will indicate. In all there were 26 numbers.
    No.1. Mars 1848     No.14. 1 Févr. 1849
    No.2. Avril 1848     No.15. 1 Mars 1849
    No.3. 16 Mai 1848     No.16. 1 Avril 1849
    No.4. 31 Mai 1848     No.17. 1 Mai 1849
    No.5. 16 Juin 1848     No.18. 1 Juin 1849
    No.6. 30 Juin 1848     No.19. 1 Juillet 1849
    No.7. 16 J'let 1848     No.20. 1 Août 1849
    No.8. 31 J'let 1848     No.21. 1 Sept. 1849
    No.9. 31 Août 1848     No.22. 1 Oct. 1849
    No.10. 15 Sept. 1848     No.23. 1 Nov. 1849
    No.11. 15 Oct. 1848     No.24. 1 Dec. 1849
    No.12. 30 Nov. 1848     No.25. 1 Janvier 1850
    No.13. 1 Jan. 1849     No.26. 1 Février 1850
     These numbers each consist of 32 pp., small 4to. The one for December, 1849, contains a "Table des Matières" for both the preceding years, 1848 and 1849.
     The two final; numbers, those for 1850, contain the opening parts of his work, "Une Nouvelle Troie" ("Monte Video"), which appeared complete as a volume in 1850. (See page 262.)

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