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Dumas fils, Alexandre (1824-1895)

Alexandre Dumas fils was Dumas' son and a famous author in his own right. His mother was Dumas' lover Catherine Labay.

    "Alexandre Dumas," from The Galaxy, 1875, tells of father and sone relationship
    A Few French Celebrities (Alexandre Dumas fils), from Harper's Magazine, 1873
    Dumas, Alexandre, known as Dumas fils

Images de/Pictures of Dumas fils
    Alexandre Dumas fils, author of La Dame aux Camélias (Camille)
    Dumas fils in later years
    Alexandre Dumas fils
    Alexandre Dumas, fils
    Alexandre Dumas Fils

Oeuvres/Related Works
    Camille - Dumas fils most famous novel, published in 1848, in English
    La dame aux camélias - à Gallica, en français

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