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Rountree, Harry (1878-1950)

    Harry Rountree bio

Images de/Pictures of Rountree
    Harry Rountree, illustrator

Art par/by Rountree
    "Followed by a hooting crowd of … ragamuffins"
    "In a boat which floated … as if at anchor"
    "He took to his heels"
    " 'Do what that writing bids you!' "
    "The poor workman rushed after it"
    "A deputation from the cobolds"
    "The two fighters took their places facing each other"
    "Sprang clean over the ass"
    "He hugged the old folk, who wept over him"
    "Arrived at the top of the tower"
    "Set to work with such sharp little teeth and an air of delight"

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