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Lecomte, V.

Art par/by Lecomte
    I imagined Monsieur would like me to be handsomely dressed.
    In his jaws he held a cutlet he had just filched from the gridiron.
    Mysouff used to dance about my legs like a dog.
    The dog had a sugar-basin on his nose like a muzzle.
    Mademoiselle Desgarcius opens the soda water bottle
    Mouton was mangling my hand
    I caught my victim by one paw
    Catinat leapt at my throat as if he wanted to strangle me.
    I let fly with my switch full tilt at Jugurtha.
    Pritchard had collapsed on the ground.
    Pritchard looked at me sadly and lovingly … and died.
    Pritchard walked in proudly, holding in his jaws a magnificent great hare.
    Suddenly Pritchard gave a leap.
    The dog gave a spring and seized the lad by the pocket of his jacket.
    The horse hung suspended over the precipice.

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