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Adams, Frank

Illustrated many Methuen editions of Dumas books around 1903-1905.

Art par/by Adams
    A young girl suddenly emerged from the underwood
    An immense wolf entered the room, walking on its hind legs
    The baron's horse shied, throwing the rider over its head
    The executioners went about their work in dead silence
    It was a royal tiger of the largest size
    He raised his stick
    "He came forward with one hand on the hilt of his sword and the other on his hip."
    "No sooner had the rapiers clashed than a company of the Cardinal's guards came round the corner."
    "Buckingham took the casket and again fell on his knees."
    "What is the meaning of this, Duke?"
    The Cardinal
    "Athos slowly raised the pistol, until the muzzle almost touched Milady's forehead."
    "Lord Winter caught him by the throat."
    On the edge of the pool was a girl of 15 or 16 years' old
    Moullah Nour's brows contracted darkly
    His position was becoming critical
    The wrinkled face of Sir Tristan appeared
    Richard Coeur de Lion, King of England
    "Here is Sultanetta's marriage gift"
    "You need not take the trouble, Monseigneur"
    Again they rode on
    "Come in gentlemen," said the Queen
    Charles stood before them
    He vaulted over and dropped among the crowd below
    As he was leading his horse out under the porch he heard a gentle voice calling him
    "See yonder, Sire"
    "I constitute you my successor"
    The man in the iron mask
    The King and La Valliere in the wood
    Colbert and the duchess
    The death of d'Artagnan

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