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Merrill, Frank Thayer (1848-)


Art par/by Merrill
    The Page of the Duke of Savoy
    What do you want, sir?
    Just then he felt a pull at the scabbard of his sword.
    Chicot and Gorenflot
    Dom Modeste drew a gigantic sabre from its iron scabbard and, brandishing it in the air, cried "Attention!"
    He turned and saw Rémy, who had just reached a boat.
    It was before this portrait that the lady knelt with swelling heart.
    "My! how heavy it is is!" said Samuel.
    "Navarre! Navarre! Cahors is ours! Long Live Navarre!"
    She dropped a rose which the prince gallantly hastened to pick up.
    "You!" cried the lady in turn.
    With his right hand he drew his knife from its sheath.
    A terror he could not resist held François in its clutches.
    Chicot ran over the parchment brought by Pierre de Gondy, his eyes sparkling with joy and pride.
    He took, or rather, tore, the pen from the count's hand and signed.
    "I respect you monsieur; you were horribly jealous, but you were a brave man."
    "I was able to distinguish in front of his saddle the form of a woman, and his hand pressed over her mouth."
    Upon a little wooden bench backed against the church wall sat Diane.
    "You are wounded, my dear monsieur, are you not?"
    "You will get me killed, madame," said he.
    As though it understood the words, the noble bird rose like an arrow
    Catharine seized the letter and made sure that it was the one she desired
    Coconnas at the gibbet
    "I did not kill your father. A curse upon you."
    Marguerite in the headsman's tower
    Marie uttered a cry and fell on her knees
    "Monsieur de la Mole!" exclaimed a sweet voice from the litter
    "Unfortunate man!" she cried, holding out the paper
    The state prisoner in the Bastile
    A woman perched on a ladder in deep conversation with a man seated in a tree
    A dark complexioned girl who held out her hand
    Grimaud threw the dagger on the table

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