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C. Conrad Cady

Professional Résumé - I have been computing since I was young. I have worked on machines from PDP-8s with paper tape, to IBM 3090 mainframes, to TRS-80s. I enjoy running CadyTech from my home office--telecommuting is the way to go. I still spend a reasonable amount of time in front of clients, but I save myself about ten hours a week in commute time, and my hours are much more flexible.
Theatrical Résumé - I am a fine actor, and would love to be in the movies, but I think I am better serving society as a computer consultant. If I won the lottery (which I won't, because I don't play) I would pursue a career as a thespian.
Friends and Family Links - Some of my friends and family have their own web pages, and I would be remiss not to put them here.
The Alexandre Dumas père Web Site - I like reading Alexandre Dumas, and have a reasonable collection of his works. I have created the most comprehensive Dumas site on the web, and will continue to make it better.

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